Nowadays, obtaining a job is stressful. And if you’re an inexperienced young adult, any attempts to find a steady job may seem hopeless, even wavering over the border of impossible on occasion. However, if one properly prepares themselves in locating, applying, and acquiring prospective employment openings, one is more likely to set themselves apart from their job-hunting opposition.

Essential Tips for Job-Hunting Young Adults

This article was created to help frustrated, floundering, or distressed young adults who are in need of support when it comes to joining the workforce and securing their chance to strive for the “All-American Dream.”

In the following section, we will explain how to search for vocational opportunities, why it's important to go after occupations that are best suited for your individual and financial needs, why it's crucial to prepare for interviews, and how to successfully maintain employment and flourish in the workplace.

Failure to Launch Programs Can Help

Soulegria is an outbound program that exists entirely to assist young adults, ages 18-25, who may be experiencing real-life struggles. We do this by helping troubled teens and struggling young adults acquire the mindset and skills that will help them transition into adulthood. Our staff is prepared and qualified to teach these young adults the true values and life skills necessary to live independently and face the adversities of life in a mature way. The proven, in-depth program offered by Soulegria prepares young men and women, who may have a history of substance abuse, to change and begin making critical life decisions. We help the resident learn to make decisions that are proactive and powerful, propelling them into adulthood with a solid foundation.

Soulegria Provides Vocational Training for Struggling Young Adults

Soulegria provides vocational training and occupational skills training for virtually any young adult between 18 and 26 years of age. We know that job searching and resume building can be intimidating and challenging for those with little experience in these fields. This understanding of struggling young men is what sets Soulegria apart from all other young adult transitional living programs. Soulegria provides several types of vocational training, expert resume building, occupational preparation, and imparts expert job searching techniques. Soulegria also provides aid to students with various learning and intellectual disabilities.

are struggling to transition from their carefree adolescence to adulthood, life skills therapy can provide the assistance they need to live an independent and successful life. Today, more and more men and women are finding that the so-called “in-between years” are more than they can handle alone. Life skills, including the development of problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and self-care skills, are crucial for any adult with a desire to live a prosperous life.

The following provides a detailed look at life skills therapy, including what it is and who performs this type of treatment. In addition, it explores the variety of disorders life skills therapy is often used for, as well as the most common reasons a young adult would need it. Finally, it identified how young adult benefits from life skills therapy, particularly when taught in a transitional living program, such as that offered Soulegria.

Have A Goal in Mind

This first important step can be explained by asking yourself 3 questions: what do you aspire to achieve? What kind of occupation do you want? And Finally, Who do you want to work for? This action is all about concentrating on what you aspire to do, what your intentions are, and narrowing your focus to hunting for types of jobs that you are not only capable of performing, but also employment that will yield accomplishment and satisfaction to your life. Also, this step is important for weeding out any job opportunities that you would ultimately hate and regret applying for after being hired.

So, following your heart and exploring work that will bring you joy and purpose in your life. Seems pretty easy, right? Well, believe it or not, innumerable young adults abandon even trying this manageable, albeit significant, first step. Often, young adults seek out any and all employment opportunities. Sure, you might luckily pick a job that you like and learn to love, but what if you end up applying for a miserable job you hate and end up wasting years of your life that could have been spent living out your dreams? Unfortunately, this hypothetical circumstance becomes a reality for millions of inexperienced adults who could have avoided it entirely by openly asking themselves: What class of job, what type of boss, and what sort of profession is best suited for my skillset?

Now, this is not to assume that, as a young man or woman, you need to know in earnest what you want to do for the rest of your life and anything less than endeavoring for your dream would be a waste of opportunity. Rather, this step is about obtaining a position that you won't despise. Most importantly, this action is all about securing stable employment while you figure out what it is that you truly want to do with your life.

Network With Everyone You Know

Networking, by definition, involves talking to others - friends, relatives, peers, etc. - about your employment search and occupation aspirations. Feasibly, networking will provide you with leads that may direct you to a suitable job opening. While this might seem uncomfortable at first, it's unquestionably worth the payoff - 70% of America's workforce are hired from some form of networking. In other words, networking can be essential when it comes to landing a suitable job.

Remember, don't look at networking as annoying other people by asking them to help you find employment. You'll come to realize that most people in your life are pleased to support you. After all, there is a 7/10 likelihood that 'bothering people' for employment opportunities was how they landed their job in the first place.

Create a List of Potential Employers Then Meet Them In Person

So now that you have a more meaningful sense of what kind of jobs would most suit you, it's time to narrow down your research even further by weeding down your considered employers down to a narrowed list.

Next, go through your list of candidates and meet with potential employers in person. It's essential to make sure you dress the part and have your resume updated and ready to share. The more time you put into your presentation, the more likely you will set yourself apart from other job-hunting hopefuls who neglected to put the same measure of time and energy into making the first impression.

Remember: Your first impression is CRITICAL!

Finally, Make Finding A Job Your Temporary Job

When it comes to attaining a job, the arrangement of how you choose to go about your search is everything. If you have yet to set up a system that includes due diligence, networking, and following up on potential job-leads, you are already making it harder on yourself. 

Suppose you haven't developed a structured plan to follow yet, do it! Approach finding a job like it IS your job. Create a set schedule for yourself by dedicating hours of your schedule each day to search for employment, make phone calls to potential employers, network online and in-person, update and tweak your resume, etc.

Adhering to your set schedule and treating your job hunt as a 9-5 grind day in and day out is merely a matter of time before your dedication pays off. Make your commitment to finding a job a habit that you strictly adhere to, and you will find employment; it's that simple.

Soulegria: A Therapeutic RTC that Provides Employment Training Programs for Young Adults

Soulegria is a therapeutic residential transitional living program for young men and women ages 18-26. Here at Soulegria, we provide therapeutic restoration for struggling young adults, in addition to our curriculum of vocational and occupational training. You see, it is our sole purpose to help struggling young adults get back on their feet and live an independent, successful lifestyle.

Here at Soulegria, we implement individualized programs for each young adult resident. By developing comprehensive, individual treatment programs, we can use our staff's dynamic expertise to further help young men and women transition or re-transition into independent living and live up to their once-promising potential.

Our program offers young adults comprehensive and in-depth training programs created to help young people make significant life decisions that are both profound and powerful, including finding and gaining stable employment.

Attention Struggling Young Adults: Soulegria is Here to Help!

Here at Soulegria, young adult students live in a structured, healing atmosphere ideal for career skills training. Our model blends clinical treatment, employment training, emotional intelligence improvement, rehabilitation, and life skills advancement. We accomplish this in a compassionate and supportive environment that promotes self-discovery and independence.

Soulegria's vocation training takes place in a simulated home environment located in scenic St. George, Utah. While in our care, students can go to college, get and maintain a job, and otherwise learn to take care of themselves as independent adults.  

 Soulegria offers a top-tier transitional living program for struggling young men and women. With the support of professionally trained life coaches, drug abuse treatment counselors, teachers, and licensed psychologists, our students gain the real-world life skills necessary to succeed. Call us today at ~client#~