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A better tomorrow begins with a promise

Imagine a world built upon a shared foundation of trust, openness, commitment, and community.A world where people keep their promises—both to one another and, perhaps more importantly, to themselves.That world begins with you.Call Now

At Soulegria, we believe that every individual has the right–and the responsibility–to access the potential of their best selves.

We guide each of our clients through the creative process of envisioning, designing, and constructing their ideal vision of what success means to them. They learn how to approach a deeper understanding of themselves, their families, and their communities, all while immersed in the vibrant environment. We do this through therapeutic coaching, intensive outpatient, and day treatment services.

Soulegria Our Program
A flexible model as unique as you are

Every individual is shaped by their own unique blend of strengths, weaknesses, experiences, and goals. We believe in the wide-ranging strength of our foundational P.R.O.M.I.S.E. principles, but those principles alone cannot help guide a student unless they are first taught in a way the student understands.

Through an individualized blend of family-focused counseling, educational support, and opportunities for on-location work experience, we provide young adults with an empowering framework for self-actualization.

A holistic, community-centered approach

Our clients are often broadly characterized as “struggling to get their lives back on track”–but what that means for any specific individual is a complex interplay of mental, emotional, spiritual, and experiential factors. Some of our students struggle to keep up with the tasks of day-to-day adult life, such as laundry, grocery shopping, or finances. Others need a boost back into the world of education, whether it means getting their GED, applying to college, or taking classes at a vocational school. Regardless of the challenge, we are committed to helping you chart a course toward whatever “success” looks like for you.

Built to bring enlightenment to your doorstep

Our services are like no other, and most of its unique qualities stem from its unusual surroundings. We are an experiential environment that provides a variety of unique ventures. This offers clients a variety of opportunities to step up and take on a new challenge. Whether working with animals, learning life skills, or doing new things, our clients develop both practical skills and inner confidence, simply by doing their part to contribute to day-to-day life and the community in which they live.

Life at Soulegria.

Clients live and participate as active members in their community, an adventure-filled setting in which to explore what it means to build a healthy environment, expand the horizons of possibility, and live their lives to the fullest.